1. Your privacy and your security matter the most
2. We don't trick you. When it's free, it's free. When it's not free, you need your credit card
3. We want the GoodIP Network to be a network that you can trust

Our pledge:

We will never tell you it's free and ask you your credit card at the next screen...
We do not collect and store any information related to credit card payments on our servers (it's stored on Stripe servers)
Private keys are not stored on our servers, they even do not transit via our servers
We do not store your identity information on our servers (it's stored on Stripe servers)
Data is not logged anywhere
We only store 'connect' and 'disconnect' events on our servers

Your pledge:

When you connect to your own GoodIP Dongle, you can browse whatever you want. But when you connect to another GoodIP Dongle, you should not browse or do anything that could legally harm the owner of that GoodIP Dongle