Premium VPN: Really bypass geoblocking!

Plug a GoodIP dongle and access the Internet from any other GoodIP dongle anywhere in the world

  • Use the IP of a real user in the target country
  • Ideal for expatriates to access home country Internet
  • Access Video-on-Demand without any restriction
  • Protect your privacy at work and in public space

GoodIP Dongle

IPs of standard VPNs are flagged out, this is why you are still geoblocked when using a standard VPN. GoodIP bypasses geoblocking because it use normal users IPs.


No browsing restriction with your own dongle

If you use your own dongle to access Internet, you can browse whatever you want

Filtered traffic via other dongle

If you use another dongle to access Internet, your browswing experience is filtered (no gambling, no torrent, no malware, no adult content) in order to protect the other GoodIP members

Identity validation needed to join the network

In order to protect the other members of the GoodIP Network, you need to validate your identity with a national ID card to join the network

Read the FAQs and our pledge.

Undetectable VPN by design

Because the dongle uses the IP address where it's plugged, your traffic can't be flagged

Easy setup

The GoodIP dongle only needs power. Plug it in a power outlet or in your router. That's all!

State-of-the-art encryption

Full encryption between your phone or computer and the dongle.

$0 monthly recurring fee

The GoodIP dongle is only $99. There is NO monthly, NO recurring fee. Ever!

No log by design

The connection is direct between your PC/phone and the dongle. There is no traffic log anywhere.

Totally clean

No adware, no spyware, no malware. The GoodIP Dongle and App are totally clean.

Ideal for expatriates to access home country Internet

Plug the GoodIP dongle at your parents', relatives' or friends' place in your home country and access the Internet like if you were there

GoodIP for Expatriates
GoodIP for VoD

Access Video-on-Demand even not at home

Leave the GoodIP dongle at your home. At your friends' place, use the App to access the Internet and any VoD with your home IP.(*)

(*): Most VoD restricts "password sharing". GoodIP isn't a password-sharing tool. GoodIP enables you to access your VoD as if you were at home.

Protect your privacy at work

Leave the GoodIP dongle at your home. At work, use the App to access the Internet with your home IP. Your employer won't see your traffic.

GoodIP Undetectable VPN

Avoid the "access denied".
Access the Internet
with a good IP.

Download the GooIP App

The GoodIP App is free and it connects to the GoodIP dongle. Latest version is 2024.02.02.
It's available for Windows (Intel/AMD 64 bits), MacOS (Intel 64 bits), Linux (64 bits) and Android.

Click here to test the GoodIP App!

GoodIP Connection Animation